I love my Ted Talks

I have not really been posting that much. Jessie has been doing the main updating – I guess when you are living cancer you don’t really think about talking cancer. Plus, she is often waiting while I am getting treated for something so she gets time to post about it
One of the ways I like to cope with my condition is to study it, try to think about life differently, and maybe what I can do with it. Ted talks are one of my favorite escapes. I have watched a couple tonight (they are so addictive) and I wanted to share two as they really resonated with me. The first was from a notification I received from Ted about a new talk on my phone. This one is serious and humorous at the same time. I think it shows you how you can look at something with a different perspective and really learn something where you never expected you could learn from.
Lux Narayan: What I learned from 2,000 obituaries -> https://go.ted.com/CyvD
So if you want to accomplish something with your life you have on average until age 37 to get it done. So all of you under 37 get busy. And seriously watch this one. It is only 8 minutes, you will be surprised what you learn from it.
The second one is not so light hearted but it did give me pause to think. The article Jessie posted about the reporter with a Glioblastoma brought up some statistics that are hard to just ignore. While I hope to be, hell plan to be, that outlier or anomaly that lives 15+ years after diagnosis, that is still a long shot. Shit, I would prefer to be the exceeding rare “cured” GBM but wouldn’t we all. So this Ted talk helps reassure those of us (well me really) that know what will likely take my life prematurely. BJ Miller is a brilliant and compelling speaker. It is a little long but great story.
I am by no means going to give up. But on average we all think we are above average so it is good to keep one foot grounded just in case you find out you really are just average.

Updates are important!

Updates-Tom has had a cold we’ve been trying to kick for nearly two weeks now. We thought we had it licked Sunday and he worked out yesterday and felt bad again last night and today. He’s supposed to start another chemo round tomorrow night but will re-evaluate that tomorrow. His labs have been good. Somehow I’ve got to make that guy rest! Overall he has been exercising a lot and doing well prior to the cold. 
Also here’s an from a newly diagnosed GBM patient that struck a note with me today. Attitude is everything.