Links! Today was a good day for announcements in treatment for Glioblastomas. First, we started off with more awesome results from Novocure (Tom’s Optune device). Their stock prices surged too!

Combination of Optune™ with Standard of Care Chemotherapy, Temozolomide, Provides Landmark Five-Year Survival Rates for Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma Patients

Next, I got an email from the National Brain Tumor Society regarding their Defeat GBM Research Collaborative. This is one of the reasons we support NBTS. There’s a lot of GBM trials in Phase III which is pretty remarkable and a due in large part to increased awareness and funding. I felt my hope surge today along with those stock prices that something promising on the horizon. 

Potential Glioblastoma Treatments Entering The Pivotal Phase of Evaluation

Also another plug for the Portland Brain Tumor Walk on August 6. My birthday casserole cook-off fundraiser raised $1090! You all are amazing and it’s because of people like you that the above progress is being made. The organizers would like to do an upcoming feature on Team Food Baby but it would be nice to have more than two members on the team before I say yes. You don’t have to do actually do the walk to join Team Food Baby but there is a $25 fee. I know it’s a busy weekend and I wish they’d stop putting it at the same time as other big events like the MS Ride. Here’s the link to sign up!
Tom starts another round of chemo tonight. We’ve definitely been seeing him get progressively more fatigued with each round but he has still managed to work full-time and make it to his spin class. Last month he told me after his workout he couldn’t remember why he felt so tired, then he remembered he was on his chemo! We’ve also enjoyed being more social as of late and cheating a wee bit on the keto diet with birthday cake and festivities. 
As always, thanks to all of you. It means so much to have you all in this with us.