Jessie Kincaid

May 022020

Huge thanks to all of you who supported Team Food Baby for the virtual brain tumor walk this year. We had team members in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Hawaii this year! Tom’s sister Mary had some awesome shirts made for the Bird family team members! Even with everything going on the team still raised $2963 this year bringing our five year total to $18,420!!!! We still plan on doing the casserole party fundraiser once we can gather again. The virtual ceremony for the walk should still be up on the Northwest Brain Tumor community fb page until 10 am tomorrow if anyone wants to watch. They used some footage from an interview I gave a few years ago and you get to see our favorite Dr. Jerry on there too! Thank you all for your support!!!

Mar 122020

Cheers to a mostly stable scan. The spots we found in November have “resolved” but there is a new spot in the field of radiation. It is most likely also radiation damage but we will continue to monitor closely, currently it is too small to biopsy. Thank you all for your words of encouragement. It really means a lot!

Jan 092020

Happy New Year friends! Celebrating a stable scan tonight! Tom actually had his last scan in November. There were two tiny spots that showed up and while his oncologist said he was not concerned, we agreed to come back and scan again in 6 weeks. It ended up being more like 7, but today’s scan showed no change. The oncologist said if it was tumor, he would have expected some growth or change in that time. It is likely just delayed radiation damage but we will continue to monitor. The spot they measured is 2.99 mm. In December Tom also underwent a hernia repair. He had a great outcome but misses being active. 1.5 weeks until his restrictions are lifted, not that we are counting. I’ll post again tomorrow with details on this year’s tumor walk and before long the casserole party. Thanks for all your continued love and support!

Aug 222019

Super thankful and relieved for another good MRI for Tom! Thanks to you all for your continued friendship and support in this journey. We are unbelievably lucky to be here today and enjoying our life together.

May 052019

The very biggest of thank yous to all who donated to Team Food Baby and the 2019 Brain Tumor Walk. Thanks to those who donated directly, showed up to our fundraisers, showed up to the walk and those who rooted us on. Thank you for funding research for finding s cure for Tom and all those who live with brain tumors! Team Food Baby raised $3505 this year (with big thanks to one donor in particular). This year’s walk raised at least $188,000 total and our team total over four walks is now up to $15,457. We couldn’t do this without all of you!!!!