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Thank you!!!

A great big Giant thank you to everyone who supported Team Food Baby this year. Between donations and fundraisers we raised $3465 this year! Our three year total is around $12,207!!!! We truly have the most incredible friends and family! We are so touched. Your donations mean a world of hope not only to Tom and I but all those fighting brain tumors. ❤️

We are here!

We’re at just over two years out. It seems like glioblastomas (GBMs) are everywhere now. From McCain to more recently a friend of a friend and a coworker’s mom. From us starting our story by searching for survivors, Tom’s story is now what other people need to hold onto hope when given this devastating diagnosis. We’re not in the clear, we never are with a GBM, but he’s beat the median and that’s something. Is it genetics? Diet? Attitude? Science doesn’t know yet. What we do know is we are here to support ANYONE going through this. I hope they know they can reach out to us for advice or just moral support. Please feel free to give our info out if you know someone going through this. A few people talked to us early on and while hard, was a help.

Also coming up-I really hope I can get Tom to post about his diet these days. Spoiler alert-it’s not keto-though we still find value in it for those in early treatment.

Still good!

Sorry for the late post! We had a lot going on before Tom’s last scan. Which turned out to be great!!!! It was not without strife as the MRI machine broke the day before and we had to work with OHSU to get him to another machine and got the results immediately before we left for two weeks to Italy for a friend’s wedding.

We are so incredibly lucky right now but others are not. We hold fast to the one thing we can do which is fundraise to end this. The tumor walk is coming up fast! Please consider walking with us or donating!!!

2 years (Tom post)

In the book, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, Daniel Pink talks about temporal landmarks or some days that hold some type of significance for starting something. These days are no different from all the other days of the year but for some reason we value them as special. Yesterday was one of those days for me. Two years ago on May 31st I walked into OHSU at 6am to have them remove my brain tumor. We had no idea how life would change after that. The entire month of June was a constant series of up and down moments as we learned how serious my tumor was and how deadly it can be. Fortunately, I have an amazing set of friends and family that supported Jessie and I throughout our ordeal.

Here I am two years later having completely forgotten about this anniversary but pleasantly “celebrating” it in the best way I know how. I great bike ride with a good friend followed by dinner and wine after.

Cheers to many more of these milestones passing unbeknownst to me where I am celebrating life to the best of my ability. Life needs to be lived and not watched as it passes by. Hope to see many of you at our upcoming fundraisers for Team Food Baby and the National Brain Tumor Society!

AND if you want to get out on your bike with me, let me know, I am always of for a day on the bike.