Glad to be home.

What does Dorothy say, “There is no place like home” I agree. While everyone was wonderful at OHSU it was not where I wanted to be. When you have to go somewhere. It is never as fun as the place you choose to go to.

While I finally pooped and was allowed to go home. Great news. We saw on the release papers something that we were not too happy about. They still think my tumor was an Oligodendroglioma. They think it is a stage III Anaplastic version that is a bit more aggressive than the typical run of the mill Oligo.

They are still waiting on the genetic testing to determine the treatment plan so fingers crossed it is the type that is more susceptible to certain types of Chemo and Radiation therapies.

So not out of the woods yet. Still a long road ahead and this was just the start. So glad we did not take the wait and see approach. And again everyone is different and might not have the same situation we are in. So what may work for us may not work for others.

Time to study up on my chemo treatments.

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