Response to question, how much longer?

Well over half way. I have today and tomorrow, next week then Monday the 15th is my last treatment. Then I get a month off – no chemo, no radiation. About three weeks into that month downtime I get my first MRI and hope all is well. From there I go on what they call a 28 day cycle where it is 5 days of heavy dose chemo, 23 days off. I will be on that, more than likely, for a very long time. With luck and good fortune nothing grows back and in a few years I can stop the chemo. I think the plan is MRI’s every three months. I am in a trial for a new contrast agent so not sure on the scheduling yet. That is the plan stan.

Oh and the hair is definitely falling out. I am pretty lucky as I keep my hair pretty short and my hairline recedes perfectly to expose the area being radiated. So it is just the periphery hairline that is thinning out. No need to shave my head, yet. The big question, given that my hair has been on a steady “receding” trend, will it grow back once radiation is done. Fingers crossed it does!

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