Jun 302016

Today we started the all trails challenge. The goal is to hike all 80 miles of trails in Forest Park. We did about a mile of the Wildwood Trail (a popular trail that runs the length of Forest Park for 30 miles) and explored the Oregon Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It was a very pleasant evening for a walk.


The all trails challenge is a fundraiser to help support Forest Park. If you are local think about joining our team – Team Food Baby or donate to the cause. If you are a hasher think about donating a weeks Hash Cash. As you know we run in here all the time. If you have no idea what Forest Park is you probably don’t live here.

Forest Park is a 5200 acre park right in the city of Portland filled with trails and unfortunately invasive species. The Forest Park Conservancy is a local non-profit trying to help protect and restore Forest Park. They have a 20 year plan with a wholistic view integrating Forest Park with the surrounding acreage so wildlife can move throughout the area.

Forest Park is a key contributor to making Portland an amazing place. Help keep it that way. And don’t move here. We are full.

Info on All Trails Challenge: Link

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