Tomorrow is the big day!

Thanks everyone for being so supportive.  The last couple of weeks have been interesting.  I have wanted to post things every day but then just did not get around to it.  In the big picture it does not really matter.  Bali was great, so glad we got to go.  Pre-surgical check out went well.  They feel I should have no problems with the surgery.  Up EARLY tomorrow, I am the first one in as we have to be there at 5:30am for 7am surgery.  Should take 3-4 hours so I should be out and ready for lunch when I wake up!!!  I heard hospital food is great!

24 hours in ICU then off to a regular room for 2 days.  If all goes well they should kick me out Friday to convalesce back at home.  Jessie has cleaned the house top to bottom so I can recuperate in a germ free environment.

This whole thing is easy for me, I just have to lay there and let them do their thing.  Jessie is the one that can use the help and encouragement.  She worries.

Thanks again for all the positive thoughts, wishes, support etc etc.  I am lucky to have such great friends and family.

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