29 down 1 to go!

Just one chemo/radiation treatment left on Monday.  Whoo Hoo!

It will be nice to have a long rest from this and maybe feel normal for a while?  There are still a bunch of appointments lined up until I see my Oncologists and do my post radiation MRI’s. I am currently seeing two different Physical Therapists.  One as part of the radiation/chemo treatments to help manage the brain/nervous system.  The other is for my balance/visual acuity issues from the inner ear issue.  Next week I finally get to see the Otoneurologist.  He is a Dr that specializes in neurological issues of the inner ear. If it was not for this problem I would be golden ponyboy (who got that reference ;p )

Since I am in the trial for the new contrast agent, I will have three MRI’s at 6 in the morning mid September.  They are going to have me taper off the steroid and hopefully I can get off the anti-seizure med as well.  I am not a fan of taking it.

I hope to go mountain biking on the 21st.  I told my Radiation Oncologist I would take him and his friend up to Sandy Ridge.  With the balance work the PT has given me I should be able to at least ride up the hill and roll down.  Won’t be doing anything “crazy” or ride like my old self but it sure will feel great to get back on the bike.  If I can just do one lap that will be a win!  (actually after thinking about it, if you are going to go mountain biking after brain surgery it is a good idea to go with a Doctor 😉

Today I am meeting with a group that is forming a racing team for cyclocross this fall.  I have been down the team route before and it did not really work out but I thought I would give it another shot.  It might be fun to go out to a few races and “support the team” when I am unable to race.   Since I will be starting chemo treatments probably the end of September racing will be quite limited and I am nowhere near race shape so I see lots of suffering in my future.  First race is set for Sept 7 at Alpenrose.  The Wednesday night Date Night series is probably my favorite.  Just a great way to spend the evening after work.  I have already registered and I will have 3 weeks to get ready!

After doing some reading it sounds like the 28-day Temodor cycle can really knock you down.  I am starting to get a bit worried.  Fingers crossed I am abby normal in how I tolerate those treatments as well.  The 6 week chemo/radiation has gone better than we expected or hoped.

Oh and I also wanted to note.  Being on this Ketogenic Diet one of the side effects can be horrible leg cramps.  The diet flushes water and thus often flushes out much of the electrolyte minerals that your body normally holds onto like: potassium, magnesium, and sodium.  I have had some cramping at night in my calves but last night they really hit me.  I could not make them stop.  I had some issues with this mountain biking in the summer a few years back and did some research.  Apparently Pickle Juice can help eliminate cramps.  So I got up and ate a couple of pickles.  When I finished my 2nd one the cramps had stopped.

So, if you are prone to muscle cramps – eat a pickle or two!

Sorry this post is a bit disjointed sort of a ramble but it is a beautiful Saturday Morning. I have my coffee, the hummingbirds, so I can ramble if I want…

Thanks Everyone for all the encouragement I appreciate it immensely.

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