Thank you All – Recap, Portland Brain Tumor Walk.

Jessie and I are thoroughly pooped. What a great day and great motivation heading into my last full week of radiation and chemo. This is a huge, Huge, HUGE, THANK YOU (!!!) to everyone that has supported us as we have progressed through this ordeal. From all the offers of; if you need something call, the meal train, our friends and family that came from far and wide to visit and participate in the the tumor walk, EVERYONE that donated and helped fund raise for the walk. I NEVER expected anything like this. I knew I had great friends and family and that they would “be there for me if I ever needed it” but I never thought I would “need it”. I cannot express enough how touched I am when ever I am in contact with any of you. Your generosity is greater than I can thank and I appreciate it so much.

Going to the tumor walk today I saw that same level of support in dozens of groups and families.  It is amazing how we can rally around to support each other in times of need.  It is extremely encouraging to see other survivors thriving and inspiring others as this can be a terrifying ordeal.  I was not comfortable being up with a group of people deemed Tumor Survivors.  I don’t feel I have survived anything.  Everything has gone so well and it has been such a short time I don’t feel like I have been through the gauntlet that others have.  While I hope I don’t have to, I am constantly worried that it will get worse at some point.  That nagging feeling that all has gone too well so that something bad is bound to happen.  Of course we intend to keep the all’s well going for as long as possible and hope to put this behind us soon.  Sadly with Brain Tumors I don’t think you really get to live that life.

It has been a great weekend seeing everyone and just having a good party.  We love to host and feel so comfortable in that environment.  Next time, I am going to have a beer!  And thank you all so very much for everything.  I honestly cannot say that enough.

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