And now for the Debbie Downer news….

We had our two week follow-up with the Neuro Doctor.  While he is very pleased with my progress from the surgery the results from the tumor are not good.  They have classified it something much worse than we originally thought.  What really sucks is to have everything going so well we were positive the news today would be better than we expected.  Now that they are worse it is like a punch in the gut.  There is nothing positive about this thing they pulled from my head other than it was removed before it was causing me any serious issues.  That is the only good news so far.  The treatment will be the same as what they originally thought it was so Radiation and Chemo here I come.

The one good thing is I can start some light exercise so get on my trainer.  I am still not supposed to lift anything greater than 15 lbs but at least I can get my heart rate up.  He said in 4 more weeks I should be able to do normal activity and all the stitches should be dissolved by then.

Everyone has been so great so far with both Jessie and I thought this and we really appreciate it.  Going forward we will really need that love and support even more.  We have a tough road ahead.  The plan is to become the outlier and prove all the statistics wrong.  My goal is to look at this 20 years from now and say what was the big deal….

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