Now we fight!

Yesterday was a serious blow to our morale when we received the diagnosis of grade IV glioblastoma. ┬áThe surgeon repeated what he said after the surgery-they got all of it -which actually means 95% or better. It is impossible to get it all, so now we meet with the oncologist and radiologist next week to determine the chemo and radiation he will undergo. Personally whatever # the oncologist gives us next week I don’t really care because we will beat it.

Yesterday was tough but the pity party is over. ┬áLast year when I was going through a tough time someone told me, “You are strong.” It became my mantra and helped get me through one of the toughest years of my life to date. Yesterday I shared that mantra with Tom. He is strong, even stronger than I am. WE-everyone reading this now is strong and we will get through this. Tom comes from a line of some of the most stubborn people I have ever encountered (love you Birds!!!). He is going to fight and we need you to fight with us.

Here’s the part where I get selfish-I want this incredible man to live a long life with me. On August 7, 2016 we are participating in the Portland Brain Tumor walk. We would like you to join Team Food baby or consider making a donation. Here’s the link to join.

I spent the morning researching this group and they appear to be legit and use their funds well. Feel free to donate to Knight Cancer institute or any other cause near to your heart. Today is a day where we can start making a difference!

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