Day 2 – All Trails Challenge

So today we went out and did a little loop on the Wildwood connecting from Trillium trail and going back to trail head via Springville Road. ¬†It was a perfect temp in the upper 60’s and we saw 15 dogs on trail and lots of runners. ¬†According to the Forest Park map we got for signing up for the All Trails Challenge we did 4.72 miles.

Day1 – About 2 miles in around an hour

Day 2 – 4.79 miles in 1 hour 47 minutes

Total – 6.79 of 80 miles completed so about 8% done.

Total Dog Count: 15

Total Time: 2 Hours 47 Minutes

The Intrepid hikers – The First Intersection – Local Fungi – the gratuitous slug shot – and a woodpeckers delight….0704161223







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