Jul 042016

So today we went out and did a little loop on the Wildwood connecting from Trillium trail and going back to trail head via Springville Road.  It was a perfect temp in the upper 60’s and we saw 15 dogs on trail and lots of runners.  According to the Forest Park map we got for signing up for the All Trails Challenge we did 4.72 miles.

Day1 – About 2 miles in around an hour

Day 2 – 4.79 miles in 1 hour 47 minutes

Total – 6.79 of 80 miles completed so about 8% done.

Total Dog Count: 15

Total Time: 2 Hours 47 Minutes

The Intrepid hikers – The First Intersection – Local Fungi – the gratuitous slug shot – and a woodpeckers delight….0704161223







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