Day One Radiation

​Well first Chemo and Radiation done. Other than a slightly queasy stomach that could be from not eating for 5 hours I feel fine. The mask is kind of a pain. Very tight and hurts my scar a bit. Will try and get a picture tomorrow. It is a creepy feeling being locked in place with a cage around your face and then some big machine blasting radiation at your head. I cannot see as the mask prevents me from opening my eyes. I sure hope I don’t get a cold. I cannot breathe out my mouth as well. I hope they let me have the mask when this is all done. 

1 down 29 to go! Then hopefully this little bastard will be dead.

One thought on “Day One Radiation”

  1. Hi Tom and Jessie. I’ve been following your blog and I’m amazed with everything you write! You are so strong and thank goodness you were and still are in excellent shape to take on this battle. You two are always in my prayers. I would love to stop by sometime. If I can bring you something, please let me know. Keep fighting! I know you will!

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