Day Two – Radiation with Pictures

So day two, no big deal but I have pictures this time. Close up of me in my mask and the big old brain zapper machine.

They have lasers that are used to align my position. The panels on the left and right come out and take pictures of my head and position. They come back in and make adjustments to the table before treatment starts. Then the big machine at the top shoots me with radiation. It is pretty cool how it works. It is a beam of radiation with and aperture that adjusts as it moves around my head to block the beam. So if you aim a flashlight at the wall and had cut outs that you placed over the flashlight blocking part of the beam that is what the machine does so it can target specific areas and only hit what it needs to.

It does one pass (that only takes 30 seconds or so) then they make some adjustments and it does one more pass back. Then I am done.

I think today was maybe 15 minutes? 2 down 28 more to go!!

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