Day 5 – All Trails Challenge

When the weekend hits we are off to the NW corner of Forest Park.  There are so many trails out there and it takes a bit longer to get to so it is nice to have the extra time to drive out that way for a hike.  We headed to the trailhead just across from Skyline Tavern.  The only problem is, there is no parking up there except for the Tavern parking lot and it is plastered with no parking signs. We decided not to risk it even though it was early on a Sunday morning.  We drove down German Town road to start at the bottom and work our way to the top and back.  Again it was a nice overcast day so it was perfect hiking temperature.  It sure would be nice if the summer was like this, nice cool mornings and warm afternoons.  We started up Tolinda Trail to Waterline Trail, did a quick out and back on Wildwood (North) to knock out that section then up Waterline and back to finish it off.  Once back to the Wildwood intersection we headed south to tie back into Springville road and completed the portion we started back on July 4th.  All the way down to the St Johns bridge road then back our trail head off Germantown road.

All in all a nice day and quite a few people given the remoteness.  But then with all the trailheads off Germantown it makes sense.  Oh and it happened to be STP weekend (that is the Seattle to Portland bike ride) so we got to see a few TIRED cyclists rolling into town.  Not that many interesting photo opportunities this time around.

my iPhone tracking ->

Day 5 – 2.5 hours and iPhone said 5.78 miles.  I calculated 6.2 on the map so we will go with that.

Total – 23.99 of our now guestimated 100 miles so 23.99%

Total Dog Count: 10 more so now we are at 30

Total Time: 10 hours 2 minutes

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