Evening update day 3

Still waiting for the Great Pumpkin (sorry Mike-it was a false alarm while you were on the phone with him earlier). He’s getting pretty uncomfortable, so far today we’ve tried coffee, prune juice, miralax, walking, suppository and we are back to more miralax. In better news, he enjoyed visits from his dear friends Frank, Mary, Jeff and Don and new friend Hunter the therapy dog. Nothing else new other than that he’s walking really well and looks great (but I always thought that). 

So I’ll just take a note to thank you all for your emails, messages, calls and encouragement. It is really a big relief to know we have dozens of people ready to provide assistance at a moment’s notice. 

Huge thanks to my dear friend Torgy for meeting me early am on Tuesday with a jalapeno cheese bagel in hand and keeping me sane during some of the scariest hours of my life.

More thanks to Tom’s sister Mary for giving me a short break yesterday so I could go home and shower and grab some more items from home.

Thanks in advance to Dianna for coming to help out the first week of having Tom home. We are going to have our work cut out for us to come close to the standard of care that he has been accustomed to here. I’ll rock paper scissors you for the next round of suppository if we don’t get things out tonight 😉

But speaking of care, I am so deeply grateful for the high standard of care that all these men and women have given my beloved. We could not ask for more. My own mom was a nurse and many of my friends are nurses and I am humbled and amazed by what superheroes you all are! 

Tomorrow we *might* get the pathology results and get a glimpse of what phase 2 of this journey is going to look like.

Until then…

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