Goings on at our house…

Miyazaki film festival for Dianna with our nightly ritual of Tillamookies.  So far we have worked through:

My Neighbor Totoro


Kiki’s Delivery Service

Howl’s Moving Castle

Princess Mononoke (in progress)

We’ve also experimented with some outings for Tom with mostly good results-short errands-walk at the park and two outings to the nursery to pick out plants (thanks to Shirley!!!). Also thanks to Dianna for planting most of them already. 

Dianna has been indulging Tom in getting many of his wish list items-the other day she built his worm/compost bin and much to my chagrin, today 2000 red wigglers showed up to take residence in our garage. Can you feel my enthusiasm? :/

Another big thanks to the Meal train. You are all such incredible cooks! I am so thankful Tom is not stuck with my crummy cooking during this and it freed us up to focus on him since we don’t have to shop or cook and clean-uo is minimal. The visits really lift spirits too. We are super grateful for all of you!!!

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