Good Talk Today

So this whole tumor thing and the internet sucks. Just google glioblastoma (GBM) and average life span and you might want to start shopping for a casket. I had not spoken to any of my Doctors about my “odds” just because it is a pretty difficult conversation. And I sorta did not want to know. Well we had a great conversation with my Radiation Oncologist Dr Jerry Joboin and he said I am not a typical GBM patient. I have everything positive I can hope for AND it might not be a full blown GBM. That is extremely positive and may indicate we caught it early or during a transformation from a lower grade tumor to the higher grade. He was very encouraging and said I would be a desirable candidate on almost any trial. When you hear your chances are more in the 5-6 year range and that is because the technology has not been around long enough to have results better than that it is a good start. Plus the amount of research and technology is booming so often the best defense is just being around long enough for the next breakthrough to occur. It is very uplifting knowing you have someone in your corner like that. I actually feel like I can look forward to a full life. It is still going to suck most of the time but it is a better start than the data we initially thought.

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