Whoo hoo. No more MRIs for a while

​Wow last day of the three day MRI marathon. Glad that is done you don’t think laying in a giant tube is much of a big deal but it sure gets old after the third day. At least no IVs today!

I am participating in a study that is using a drug for anemia as a contrast agent. It is supposed to help identify tumor cells after surgery and radiation treatment as the area is often inflamed so it is hard to tell if tumor is regrowing or is it just swollen. I will have three more scans after radiation. Then some more a few months down the road. Pretty cool to be apart of something that is being developed here at OHSU. 

You get plenty of time to think when you are laying in a loud machine for an hour. All this amazing equipment and people helping to keep you alive. Makes you think about your career choices and “what have I done to contribute to society in a meaningful way” plus how the hell does an MRI work. Damn there are some wicked smart people out there. 

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