Here it is, my new BFF

Well I got my Optune device today.  This is going to be quite the adjustment given my lifestyle.  I have included a few pictures so you can get an idea what I will be carrying around with me 24/7.

It comes with a cute little back pack and my 3 bay battery charger.  If I don’t have it plugged into a wall outlet I have to be on battery.  Looks like they run for about 3-4 hours before I have to swap.

If I don’t like the backpack I can wear a nifty little sling show below.


Then the whole thing is attached to the array pads that adhere to my head – one on each side, one front and one back. shown below.

The marks on my head are from a stretchy bandage thing called Surgilast as an added layer of protection to keep the pads in place.  I removed for the pictures.



The cables run down behind my head into that white box, the box plugs into the “device” that creates the electrical field in my head to hinder cell division.

So that is it, I get to wear this as much as possible.  Change the pads a minimum of every 3-4 days.  Shower, shave head, reapply (and move slightly to give my scalp a break).  The good thing is I can replace the pads as often as I like so if they start to come off after the gym or I want to go ride my bike I can just remove and replace (with new pads) once done with my activity.

Fingers crossed this helps prevent those little bastard cells from dividing and they die off….  Time will tell.

At least my head will be warm this winter.  Time to go hat shopping!


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