My guy is amazing!

I am still a little in shock over the miracle that was today. I had prepared myself that it may be a month or more before I had my real Bird back and I only had to wait a few hours for him this morning. He is doing SO well and I know that’s because of all your prayers, good wishes, the excellent surgeon and staff at OHSU and his dedication to health and fitness these last few years. He’s an inspiration. It’s fun to see the shock on the new doctors and nurses faces as they come in to meet him as he is doing so well. He’s been talking quite a bit, called his mom, ordered and fed himself a dinner of chicken soup, salad and salmon. Pain is well-controlled and nausea is not too far behind. Probably in for a long night with late night MRI and constant neuro checks, but so far spirits are high. The only sign of neurological deficit that I can ascertain so far is that after watching a few min of ESPN he announced that he wants to be a Raiders fan this year. Until tomorrow…


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