My Observation on Nurses at OHSU

I have to say how impressed I am with Nurses. I don’t think they get enough credit or thanks. My nurses did not bat an eye when I projectile vomited all over the bed. They apologized and just cleaned it up. They really are special people. Being constipated from the anesthesia and meds again a nonchalant do you want a suppository and bloop right in there. No big deal. It sure was a big deal to me.  Everyone we have dealt with has been so kind and willing to do the most menial task. Just to help my comfort. Makes me feel uncomfortable having someone dote on me so much. I am pretty much a leave me alone I can take care of myself person.  All of the staff ay OHSU has been great.  From the cleaning folks to the food delivery. They always seem concerned with your wellbeing and so willing to help and provide positive encouragement. The other thing is they don’t come in and say you will do this and you will do that. It is more of. Do you want to try this or try that. I am very inclusive into the treatment plan. And they keep me abreast of what worked last time and ideas going forward. So happy we treated here.

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