The Ketogenic Diet and You

We are two weeks officially into the Ketogenic diet today and it’s going fairly well but the carb cravings are making me a little nuts. Surprisingly not missing the alcohol much. I am down 5 lbs and the bigger victory is that Tom is not down any weight. This week I’ve traded a little variety in the meal plan for my sanity and since the recipes make 4 servings, we’re having leftovers. 🙂 I also tried my hand at ketogenic peanut butter cookies this week and they must have been edible as Tom downed 5 of them as soon as he discovered them. Most of the resources on this diet are geared toward losing weight (though it is also used to treat epilepsy and fight cancer) so we were fortunate to get a dietitian through OHSU as a resource who is helping to make sure Tom is still doing all the right things nutrition wise. The University of Michigan has a study going right now regarding this diet and Tom’s specific type of tumor (Glioblastoma) that we are reading up on. 
We saw Dr. Jerry again today. Honestly that man is the weekly dose of hope that we need in our lives right now. Love him. Nothing new really except he is attending a Glioblastoma conference this week and he also said he made a list of trials that he wants to bring to Portland. If he ever moves, we are going to follow him. That’s right folks, there is definitely a restraining order in our future. 
One final bit of good news. We got the results of Tom’s series of MRI’s and there is no evidence of tumor regrowth since the surgery. Big sigh of relief. He’s also doing really well so far with the chemo and radiation. 25 more treatments to go!

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