Week three update:

Well three weeks ago I had this lump cut out of my head. Friday was not the best of news as to what it was. The weekend was one of the worst two days I have ever had. But today I am feeling pretty good. Physically I feel great. Just a little lingering wobbliness from the vertigo episode. Really looking forward to that eventually going away. It has been nice these last two days to have activities to distract and keep me occupied. Jessie went into work and left me alone for a few hours yesterday and today. It is weird to be alone since I have had someone by my side almost continually since the operation. Yesterday I did a light workout on the bike trainer. Road for an hour and an easy pace while I watched the Ken Burns documentary Cancer, The Emperor of All Miladies. Today I decided to walk as my ass is a little sore from the bike seat. I figure I will alternate between the trainer and a fast walk. Went 2.5 miles and was out for 45 mins or so. After that I puttered in the yard a bit. It looks fantastic thinks to the help from my sister Dianna and Jessie’s Uncle Don and Aunt Bobbi doing so much work. While eating lunch I received a call from my case nurse at Cigna. Her background was working with Neruo Tumors. She was very positive and has really helped perk me up a bit. She also reiterated most of the information you see on the internet is very old 10+ years so it is hardly applicable anymore. Plus she said me being active is a huge boon to treatment and recovery. Just gotta keep that mentality going!. My scar is looking good. Jessie said 6 or 7 stitches have already dissolved. Since people have been asking and are curious I will post a picture.
Also, I have to give a shout out to Frank for putting me on to my Ugg Slippers. I love wearing slippers all day. When I go back to work I may have to ask if they can be added to the dress code. You just feel good wearing slippers all day. Plus I can go outside and not worry about them. Heck I forgot I had them on last Thursday and wore them to dinner.
And I want to reiterate what Jessie said before. All the visitors have been great. I feel so lucky to have such great friends and family.
Oncology visit is tomorrow – will update with new news once we have it – I am expecting GOOD news from now on. My plan is business as normal ASAP.
Scar HydrangiaOh and adding a picture of my favorite Hydrangea in the yard. I just looks so good right now.

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