Another update and we love the visitors

Do you know what’s incredible??? We have had a visitor everyday since we brought Tom home. Thank you all so much! You have no idea how much it means to us just to have visitors each day. And we LOVE when you bring your kids and pets. The biggest blessing out of this has really been getting to spend so much time with friends and loved ones. Let’s keep it going! I don’t think we have anyone scheduled for this coming Sunday going forward. No need to bring anything except your lovely selves! And since Tom is doing so great, we can definitely come to you!!!
Oncologist is this Wednesday and after discussing with him, we are likely going to go on the Ketogenic diet after this weekend at least for 28 days .It has shown to have good results with those doing chemo and radiation, particularly with brain tumors. It is pretty similar to what we eat already BUT no sugar. So we are going alcohol free after this weekend (Tom is pretty much already there). So maybe hold off on gifts of alcohol until we are drinking celebration beverages when he beats this. This is also why I cut off meal train after this week, but if I feel overwhelmed I will definitely ask! Cooking is one of the ways that Tom and I connect, so we are looking forward to getting back in the kitchen to try some new recipes. Here’s some of the books we are trying out:

The Ketogenic cookbook by Jimmy Moore and Maria Emmerich
Keto in 28 by Michelle Hogan.
If you do want to bring Tom snacks- nitrate free jerky would be a great choice!
Also huge thanks to everyone who has joined Team Food Baby and/or donated. Don’t forget to ask your employer to make a matching donation! We have already raised$1050!!!!!
I’ll be setting up a separate FB group for the walking team so we can plan a kick-off bbq with Juno screening thanks to Katy Moyes’s great idea for team to dress like characters from the movie and maybe plan a fundraiser. I’ll try to get that group together in a day or two. Here’s the link again:

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