What do they say? No news is good news?

So I have been really bad in posting. I think mainly because of the old adage, no news is good news. Plus, Jessie has been doing a great job of keeping everyone up to date. Other than the odd twitches and an itchy forehead from the radiation I have been doing pretty good. Still have dizziness issues from the lingering vertigo (I think – seems to get worse as the week of treatments progress). We are waiting for a referral to an ENT at OHSU to see what he thinks. The original specialist appointment is not until mid August. Hoping to see if anyone else can shed some light on the problem.
Going to head back to work next week part time in the mornings, hit the gym, then off to treatments in the afternoon. Hope I can push thought the predicted fatigue that is supposed to hit in that 4th week. So far I have had good energy and I think that steroid has me wired throughout the day. Makes it hard to sleep at night most of the time. Staying consistent with exercise is supposed to help tremendously with the fatigue and recovery. AND I want to be in some type of cycling shape when this treatment is over. Racing session is just around the corner. Jessie does not want me to lose any more weight but I think I can stand to lose a few more pounds. I have hit my goal for the start of racing season but if I can drop another 5 and get some muscle back I would be pretty happy starting the season.
Found out our radiology oncologist likes to mountain bike. He has a friend coming into town mid-August and I promised to take him to our best trails. I need to be ready for that!!! Time to shop for a new helmet! Now that I have a compromised cranium I want to make sure I have the best protection I can get!!!
Now time to crank out some all trails challenge updates.

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