Quick update and thanks

The steroid they gave Tom seems to be working and his spasms are decreasing in frequency and severity along with the dizziness, though he still has some of the dizziness. We are tentatively looking at a part-time return for him to work next week. Work in the morning-workout, then I will take him to radiation and he can rest in the afternoon. 
And again, thank you to everyone who has taken the time out of their busy lives to send texts, emails, messages, cards, phone calls, presents, come to visit, brought food, stayed in hotels to see us, helped in the yard, signed up for the Tumor walk and those who have donated. More thanks to those who have driven in our crazy traffic and construction to get to us and those who have reached out across time zones. I know cancer and hospitals really aren’t most people’s cup of tea, but it really means so much and really does wonders for our spirits that so many of you have shown your support and continue to be part of our lives during all this. Big thanks to Frank Enderle and Jeff Torgerson for making weekly visits-Endo for even helping get Tom to some of his appointments when I have work conflicts and Torgy for keeping me sane. You all are so appreciated!

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