Evening update-day 2

Third time is a charm! So after my last two posts, Mr. Bird pulled off some spectacular projectile vomiting that would have made Linda Blair jealous, so let’s hope he thinks a little more of this one and keeps his stomach intact. We moved to his new room mid-day and it’s very nice with a big window and even a Mini size bed for me (yay!). Nausea seems to be better-he’s made it almost 12 hours. He’s been a lot sleepier today, nods off mid conversation, mid dinner, etc which is more of what I expected after all the reading we did vs. the chatterbox I had yesterday. He really enjoyed seeing his sister Mary and telling her about Bali and talking to his brother in law Gordy and making a few posts today (though it was pretty hard). Also he made it for not one, but two walks with the walker. The first one was to the end of thr hall and the 2nd was a lap around the entire ward where he scoped out a place to drink his first cup of coffee and enjoy the view tomorrow. We are hoping for a Friday discharge still, so if we haven’t set a time for a visit, please hold off til he gets home as I want him to be rested enough to meet his goal. Also that will all be contingent on one thing. Tonight, much like Linus in his pumpkin patch-we wait for something Great to make its appearance as well. 


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