Morning update-day 3

Doing great!!! Up to four walks total with the walker now and having less of a headache after each one. Had a better night. A little nausea this morning but no Linda Blair episodes. Pain is mostly well managed. We are still waiting on the Great Pumpkin-which is not actually needed to go home since he is not on narcotics. We saw a neurosurgery PA this morning who was really pleased with his progress and technically he may be able to go home today but we are staying as we would feel better with more observation, would like to get the nausea completely under control and try a new pain med in this environment as they want to send him home with something stronger than the tylenol that he’s been sticking to as all the iv pain meds make him ill. He’s had some odd sensations in his head but ther PA said those are normal. So looks like if all continues to go well we will be bringing him home tomorrow!

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